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VCC download page
Welcome to the VCC Color Computer 3 Emulator for Windows download page.

Vcc 1.42 Installer

Dowload Installer
Click on the above link to download the Vcc 1.42 Installer (Must be unzipped)

Preinstalled Hard disk image Nitros9 Ver 3.2.8

Download Nitros9 image
Click on the above link to download the Preinstalled Hard disk image Nitros9 Ver 3.2.8

Version 1.42 08/13/2010
Updated documentation.
Added Monitor Console for BitBanger Output.

Version 1.41 05/05/2010
Finally updated the Virtual Hard Disk image to Nitros9 Version 3.2.8 and added Multi-Vue Use DOS 255 To launch.
Fixed problem with version check in FDRAWCMD.
Added Some Bit-Banger output support, It can be directed to a text file now.
Added IDE emulation. This will be of interest to anyone with a Super-IDE or Glenside controller
You can use your PC to take a backup of a CF card and run it in VCC! (maybe)

Version 1.40 03/01/2008
Total rewrite of many internal timing routines.
Rewrote Sound output. Audio is now 16Bit Stereo at 11,22, or 44 Khz.
Finally Swapped Orch-90 Left/Right Channels!
Added preliminary Cassette tape support (this MIGHT be a little buggy).
HINT: Don't change the Audio Quality while the tape drive is running, I will fix that.
Fixed a few unimplemented 6309 Op-codes. Reported by John collyer.
FD-502 Emulation now supports loading 16K rom files. This was there for a while
But I forgot to mention it.
Broke the display code slightly, Theres an annoying line at the bottom of the
Screen sometimes. This was needed to fix the timming problems and will be
Fixed in the next release.

Version 1.17 12/29/2007
Bugfix release to correct a CPU Error reported by Robert Gault

Version 1.16 11/28/2007
Minor update due to lack of time.
Changed keyboard emulation to a simple dropdown list.
Reworked threading a bit for smoother sound.
Carlos Martins Nabeto has kindly done a Portuguese translation for me.

Version 1.14 08/18/2007
Changed keymap.ini format for faster startup/shutdown (Reported by Bob Devries).
Patched bug in RGB-DOS Image causing drive 4 not to work correctly (Reported by Robert Gault).

Version 1.12 08/12/2007
BugFix. Commented out some code that cleaned the keymap table before rebuilding it.
This was causing the table to become corupt.
Added default mappings for { and } under OS9.

Version 1.11 08/09/2007
Hard disk is now a separate download.
Support more than one Joystick/direct Input device. Added option to select sound output device. (If you have more than one).
Documentation has been cleaned up. Thanks

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