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Vcc Color Computer 3 Emulator for Windows
Vcc is a Color Computer 3 Emulator for Windows using DirectX 8 or Higher.

We do NOT offer support for this program. We only placed this information here as a second source for this version of the program.

What's Emulated:
A Tandy Color Computer 3 with 128K, 512K, 2048K or 8192K of ram. Selectable Motorola MC68B09 or Hitachi HD63B09.
Two 2 button joysticks.

Included Modules will Emulate:
FD-502 Supporting 3 Double Sided or 4 Single sided Floppy drives. Supported format include DMK,JVC,OS9.
Real Disk access is supported on Windows 2000 or higher via the FDRAWCMD libraies provided by Simon Owen.
See the links page for download information. Hard disk Controller (.vhd) with Cloud-9 RTC. 4 Slot Multi-pak interface. Orchestra-90 Sound Synthisizer.

System Requirments:
Pentium III at 500Mhz+ running Windows 95 or higher with Direct X 8 or Higher. Windows 2000 or higher and a supported Controller chip for RAW disk access. Only 8,16, and 32 BPP are supported. 24BPP is not nor will it ever be supported.

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