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Resources - CoCo Life

Welcome to the Life and Times of the Color Computer Resource Page.

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Links of Interest

Below are a few helpful on-line resources. Please note, they will open in a new browser window! If you have software to stop pop-ups or new windows, you may need to disable it first before viewing these resources.

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Index - C - is a Tandy Color Computer information and resource site. We (the CoCo Community) are here to help keep the Tandy Color Computer alive.

With excellent search engine rankings, you're welcome to take a ride on's back so that your Services, Software, Hardware, Ideas, and Events will be seen by more CoCo users than ever.

Index - G

Glenside Color Computer Club - Information on the Glenside Color Computer Club and the Annual "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST!

Index - T

Tandy Color Computers Game List, NitrOS9 and more - Several coco related sites, including the Tandy Color Computer Games list (a steadily growing list of commercial games that were available for all three models of the Color Computers, complete with screenshots, a little background, and occasionally easter eggs and/or hints or tips), the NitrOS9 page (an older version of Nitros9 that worked a lot on), and several other Coco related pages.

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