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Current Projects for CoCo 4
The Color Computer was a easy to use and powerful computer made by Radio Shack. Much like the Apple II and the Commodore 64, it was a popular 80's computer with an active following, even today. Every year (for 17 years) there is a CoCoFest held in Chicago to celebrate this system.

The first project is to help keep the Color Computer (CoCo) alive with a hardware replacement using the CoCo 4 emulator. By using a modern computer a true CoCo can be created in software.

For more information, please click on CoCo 4 Emulator in the menu to the left.

The second project is enhanced version of the BASIC used on these early computers. Now, you can have more memory, power and best of all speed from our CoCo 4 BASIC.

For more information, please click on CoCo 4 BASIC in the menu to the left.

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