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CoCo 4 Emulator
The first project is to help keep the Radio Shack Color Computer (CoCo) alive with a hardware replacement using the CoCo 4 emulator. By using a modern computer a true CoCo can be created in software.

Based on the VCC CoCo 3 emulator, we added a few new graphics modes including all of the CoCo 1 & 2 modes make the CoCo 4 emulator completely compatible with CoCo 1&2. That right, all those programs that don’t work on a CoCo 3 will now work on the CoCo 4.

While the first versions of the CoCo 4 emulator are design for Windows, later ports are planed for Linux and possibly the Mac.

In the final phase of the CoCo 4 Emulator will be the CoCo 4 I/O board, a USB hardware interface to complete the emulator. The device will have the follow functions:

• Two CoCo compatible joystick ports.
• Cassette port.
• Serial port.
• CoCo keyboard port.
• Cartridge port.
• Extra I/O pins that lets the CoCo 4 interface to the outside world.
With the above interface you will can plug in joysticks, cassette player or even a floppy disk control into you CoCo 4 emulator! As for game paks, just plug them in the CoCo I/O board and the emulator will convert them into image files so you can play your favorite games forever!

Better yet, install the CoCo 4 I/O board inside a dead CoCo to bring it back to life! Add a micro size PC motherboard for a complete CoCo 4 inside your old CoCo 3 case.

The CoCo 4 I/O board lets you do almost anything that you old CoCo could do at almost 50 times fast!

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