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Welcome to the On-Line CoCo 4 List

List below are some of the people still involved with the CoCo 4.  This includes their names, handles (chat names) and CoCo related website.  You can even contact them via our Non-Spam email system.  Just click on the word "Email", enter the information and our system contact them.  (Please note that the members of the list have the right not to reply to your message and we never give out their email address.)

Name Location Info Nickname Website Contact
Steve Bjork  Whittier CA  Programmer on the CoCo  6809er  Email
Allen Huffman  Des Moines, Iowa  Sub-Etha Software (CoCo & OS-9)  OS-9 Al  http://alsplace.os...  Email
Roy Lores          No Email
William Mikrut          No Email
John Orwen          No Email
Tom Seagrove  Upsate New York    Tom  www.rainbowfestvid...  Email

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