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Halloween 2008

The is the second year with a small lawn in Whittier, California. But thing are taking shape with the new coffin and three large spider webs covering the yard.

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Welcome to the Dead-End Cemetery 2008
New smaller spider web and Coffen that opens by remote control.  That's ghost holding up it up!
Our 12 foot ghost from last year.  Eyes still glow red.
The "stone wall" wrap hid the white of the house well. Will use it again next year!
A side look of the Cemetery

Night time shot with me as the Zombie.  I would sit like a falling over dummy and not move for a long time to get the right kid! (My eyes show up only becuase of the flash.)
Shot with all the big ghost, spider webs and tombstones.
The wood fence adds to the look of the Dead-End Cemetery and keeps the kid out. Since it was built last year, it only took about 15 minutes to install the fence and about half that time to remove.
Once last look at the zombie and coffen.  Both the fence and the coffen where made from wooden fancing boards. Cheap wood that looks good weathered.

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