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Fire in the Sky 2008

2008 has been a busy fire season for Southern California. Up in northern part of the San Fernando Valley has burned twice in the past month.

The fire on Saturday (11/15) burned over 500 homes shutdown the 5 Freeway, main connection of Los Angles heading north.

These shots are from Sunday morning in Whittier and not even close to any of the fires. (The closes fire is 10 miles to the east and the wind is not blowing hard.) Note the smokey sky and how dark the Sun is. At the time of the pictures where taken the ash was falling like snow.

Please click on a photo to enlarge

Almost 10 AM on Sunday morning and it's still dark because of all the smoke from the wildfires in Los Angles.
The ash is falling like snow.
View of the ash on the hood of the car.  I've learned to wash  the car very carefully so the ash does not scratch the paint.
Close-up view of the ash.  The heat of the fire can lift the ash hundreds of feet into the air and carry it downwind 10 miles or more.

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